Milan, Theo Hernandez approves Pioli: 'He is good and has clear concepts. With him I believe in fourth place '| First page


Attended the microphones of Sky Sports, the Milan fullback Theo Hernandez he said: "I think it is better for a coach to start from the beginning instead of taking over the current season, but these are things that happen in football. Now we have a coach who is very good, I'm sure we will do great things with him. I work every day to be a starter, in the last few games I succeeded and I hope to play them all. I came here to work hard, to play and to make Milan history. I am a young boy, I still have to learn many things, but I am convinced that I can do great things. ON PIOLI – "I think he is a great coach, like all those who have been here. I didn't know him, he is a coach who likes to play good football. I think we can do great things with him, because he is a very good coach, with clear concepts "The first thing he told us was that we have to work hard and we can't let our fans be angry, even though it's normal for how we're doing. What we need to do is work hard to get them back on our side and get us supported."

ON THE RANKING – "I believe in fourth place, we have a big rose to stay ahead. It is true that the last games were not easy, but we have a great team to stay on top. We just have to work hard and give the soul to win games. "

ON LECCE – "With Lecce the turning point can come. They are games in which we must put our heart on the pitch because the victories give moral. We must win against Lecce to better face the next race. When a team starts well and gains confidence, we see" .

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