Milan, Gazidis: "We saved this company from bankruptcy and from the Serie D"


The CEO. of the Milan Ivan Gazidis Pioli opened the conference: "First of all I want to thank Giampaolo, who is a very good coach and we wish him the best. This decision was not taken lightly. We decided all together putting in front of the club. We understand the frustration of the fans "We have had difficulties in recent times, but we are traveling to a reality that we cannot ignore. We had to save a club from bankruptcy and we could have gone back to Parma and Fiorentina in the past as a success. We had to face economic difficulties they brought out of Europe and we had to clarify this situation ".

On the future: "We will have to be patient, we will make other mistakes, but I want to assure you that we are determined to bring our team back to its level, as big as it has been in the past. We will make mistakes and correct them honestly. Our task is as ambitious as ours willingness to invest in a € 1.2 billion stadium. The aim is to provide a solid foundation to compete in the world as a world-class team. Only 4 points divide us from the first positions, the road is long but there is time to correct the route. We have taken with us an experienced coach who can improve our performance as well as growing young people ".

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