MEPs evaluate US report on ways to "deter" Russia in the Black Sea


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After the report of US research and consultancy RAND Corporation on NATO's "deterrence" strategy for dealing with Russia in the Black Sea region, representatives of the Russian side outlined their point on the subject.

Several Russian politicians and experts commented on the report published in the United States on the "deterrence" strategy against Russia in the Black Sea.

They described Washington's plan as undisguised aggression against Moscow and promised a reaction to any NATO activity near Russian borders.

"Undisguised aggression"

Crimean deputy in the Duma (the lower house of the Russian parliament) Mikhail Sheremet believes that the US strategy of extending the NATO exercises and intensifying the defensive power of Ukraine and Georgia proves the hostile intentions United States in respect of Russia.

"This is not at all a deterrent, but an undisguised aggression on the part of the United States," he said.

The countries that will embark on Washington's wake and deploy missile systems on their territory will end up in an area of ​​possible destruction, he said.

"Countries that agree to set up US military bases at home are showing myopia. Russia will take measures that will allow it to protect its borders and the area of ​​its vital interests, "said Mikhail Sheremet.

Yuri Shvytkin, vice-chairman of the Duma's Defense Committee, said Russia's determination to reject any external action in the region.

"In the case of Crimea, we have self-sufficient forces and means: a naval detachment, fairly powerful DCA systems and a National Guard brigade protecting the bridge over the Kerch Strait", he recalled.

He pointed out that Washington's intention to involve Kiev and Tbilisi in the NATO operation and increase the military potential of the Alliance countries was perplexing.

The reaction will be "imminent"

For Frans Klintsevich, a member of the Defense and Security Committee of the Federation Council (the Upper House of Parliament), Washington's statements that "contain Russian aggression" are only intended to manipulate public opinion.

"In fact, it's the exact opposite (…) The deployment of anti-aircraft and coastal defense systems in Romania and Bulgaria planned by the experts of the center (the American institution of advice and research Rand Corporation, ed) means in fact the transformation of these countries into anti-Russian cords, following the example of Poland, "he said.

He added that an unprecedented activity of the Alliance near the Russian borders was likely to "take on new forms, very dangerous for Europe" and that the reaction of Russia "would be imminent".

A simple pretext

Yuri Guempel, head of the Crimean Parliament's Committee on Inter-Ethnic Relations and People's Diplomacy, stressed that Washington did not have to tell Russia where it should modernize its armed forces and would do better. study NATO's "deterrent" strategy, whose military bases "are getting closer and closer" to Russian borders.
According to the head of the Council of Expertise and Consultation with the Rector of the Republic of Crimea, Sergei Mikheiev, the American idea of ​​"deterrence of Russia" is only a pretext to increase the defensive potential of NATO .

The American plan

Stating that "the Black Sea region is a central place of competition between Russia and the West for the future of Europe", the RAND Corporation issued a report defining a strategy of "deterrence" of Russia in the region, expressing concern over the modernization of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and the increase of forces in the Southern Military District.

According to the authors of the document, to "counter the growing influence of Russia" in the region, NATO and its partners could deploy air defense and coastal defense systems in Romania and Bulgaria, as well as maintain assistance Ukraine and Georgia in the area of ​​developing their defense capabilities.

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