Mamaev waited for her husband from prison – and a "divorce" as a reward?


The footballer freed by parole told his wife that they had "a lot was wrong." The time spent in custody changed his views on life, including family life. Now the change is coming.

After leaving prison, the defamed football player Pavel Mamaev gave the first interview. And not to anyone, but to his own wife – Alana, who, in spite of any difficulties, waited for him.

However, the interview revealed the problematic aspects of the relationship between husband and wife. Paul did not dissemble and frankly admitted that he rethought his life with Alana. In his opinion, much was wrong with them.

Probably, with these words the footballer hinted at his betrayals, as well as at the scandalous stories associated with the use of prohibited substances (and the name of both Paul and his wife appeared here).

Mamaev said that his every morning in places not so distant began with the fact that he was told the news about Alan: “often told. You have this wife there, you have this, you have this. ” But most of all, the football player did not like that the girl, despite his ban, moved to Moscow, and did not stay to wait for him in Krasnodar.

In general, Mamaev during the entire interview behaved in a closed, restrained manner and was not inclined to revelations. And when it came to personal relationships with Alana, he completely refused to delve into this topic, noting that for a start they needed to discuss all this in private.

Judging by the behavior and words of the footballer, his wife’s “reward” for waiting is a divorce. After all, even before Mamaev was convicted, this topic was already raised in the family.

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