Maduro says the US could not with Venezuela in the UN Human Rights Council


CARACAS (Sputnik) – President Nicolas Maduro said that the United States Government could not with Venezuela in its attempt to prevent that South American nation from occupying a place in the Human Rights Council of the United Nations (UN).

"The United States Government with Venezuela could not, it could not imperialism or the Lima Group, we have had a great victory of dignity, of truth, of morality and we are going to the Human Rights Council," said the head of State during an act in the state of La Guaira (north).

On October 17, Venezuela obtained a seat in the UN Human Rights Council by receiving 105 votes in favor, in an election in which Brazil was also favored with 153 votes; while Costa Rica won 96 votes.

Maduro said that many countries faced persecution and threats from the US, which I was looking for Venezuela not to get a position in that council.

"We have had a great victory (…) facing the plot, the conspiracy, the brutal campaign of the United States Government, of Donald Trump, a campaign of persecution against the countries of the world, the governments, to which the Fund joined International Monetary, the World Bank, calling on governments, threatening governments, but could not with threats or blackmail, "he said.

A defeat for Trump

The Venezuelan ambassador to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations Organization (UN), Jorge Valero, said in an interview with Sputnik that the entry of his country to that body is a defeat for the US president, Donald Trump.

"Nicolas Maduro defeated Donald Trump, a genocidal government, which uses human rights to attack developing countries," the ambassador told Sputnik

The chancellor of the Caribbean nation, Jorge Arreaza, described the entry of his country to the Council as a "victory", since in his opinion on the situation of Venezuela in the UN falsehoods have spread.

Further, He accused the United States Government of pressuring members of the United Nations not to vote in favor of Venezuela.
Valero said his nation "is an example of enjoyment and exercise of human rights," and said that most of the nations that make up the UN recognize it, despite the report of High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet in which the Government is pointed out of raping them

The United Nations Human Rights Council had two vacancies for Latin America, so Venezuela competed alongside Brazil and Costa Rica.

In the case of Brazil, it was a reelection, since the South American country had been elected in 2016, and its mandate as a member of the council expired on December 31 of this year.
Countries can exercise two consecutive three-year terms as members of the council.
Argentina, Bahamas, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay are the other Latin American countries that have a seat in the body.

On October 17, 14 new council members were elected, which is made up of 47 countries, which will effectively hold their positions on January 1, 2020.

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