Lebanese security forces fire tear gas and clash with protesters in Beirut


Lebanese security forces fired tear gas after clashing with protesters in Beirut's Riad El Solh Square.

Moscow – Sputnik. A reporter for "Sputnik" from the Lebanese capital, Beirut: "Lebanese security forces fired tear gas, after they clashed with the demonstrators in the square Riad Solh."
Our correspondent confirmed that there are cases of fainting among the demonstrators.

Earlier in the day, Friday, the General Directorate of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces, wounded 40 security personnel in the protests in Lebanon.

"Freedom of expression is sacred and guaranteed by the constitution, but do they justify attacks on public and private property? Does freedom of expression allow attacks on members of the internal security forces, 40 of whom have been wounded so far," the forces said in a statement.

The Internal Security Forces asked the citizens to demonstrate a telegram, and not to resort to chaos and violence.

In a related context, the Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, on Thursday evening, an urgent decision after the outbreak of protests that erupted in Beirut and several other areas, against the backdrop of new tax laws imposed on the application of instant messaging "WhatsApp" and his ilk.

Lebanon's Communications Minister Mohamed Choucair said he had received a call from the Lebanese prime minister about the study related to the WhatsApp tax.

Choucair said that Prime Minister Hariri asked to stop the study on Wattsab, not to implement anything and no additional fees on Wattsab or similar Wattsab.

As Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil said, "People have the right to express their rejection in a peaceful manner, and it is also important that people know that we did not agree to any decision on WhatsApp yesterday, or on other taxes."

"We are committed to the tax-free budget, as we presented it to the cabinet," Khalil said.

Hundreds of Lebanese gathered on Sunday in downtown Beirut and other parts of the capital to protest against the Lebanese government's decision to impose new taxes on the telecommunications and fuel sector.

Hundreds of angry protesters marched downtown Beirut after cutting off the main Ring Bridge in the Lebanese capital as part of a protest movement that was invited through social media, without any political cover.

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