Learn about the "trick" that prevents the poisoning of Queen Elizabeth's food



Over the years, the staff responsible for preparing food for Queen Elizabeth II have come up with a number of tricks to ensure the Queen's safety and freedom from poisoning.

According to the newspaper "Mirror", the British correspondent Emily Andrews revealed one of the secrets, saying: "After the food is placed in the dishes, one of the servants randomly choose which dishes are presented to Her Majesty."
"So if someone wants to poison the queen, he will have to put poison in all the dishes to poison everyone inside the palace."

Despite the luxurious dining rooms inside the palace, the queen prefers to have her meal in her own living room.

The queen dines while watching television, and she has a team of chefs who make a menu of food choices every few days.

Before the queen begins to have dinner, she enjoys drinking her favorite gene and debonies.

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