Lazio, Valentini (ex dg Figc): "Italy, Inzaghi and a pyrotechnic Lotito: I tell you everything"


A week of celebrations for theItaly, which has collected two more victories, waiting for the Lazio who is preparing the challenge for Atalanta. The editorial staff of exclusively contacted the former Figc executive director Antonello Valentini, who expressed his opinion on the path of Italy, on Lazio, Inzaghi, Lotito and much more.

What has been the path of Mancini leading Italy so far?

"A path certainly promising. It never happened that the Italian national team qualified with three days in advance for the Europeans. Certainly we must also consider the opponents in the group and therefore keep our feet on the ground. I think that the period in which Mancini will work without the hassle of the result I will have to continue to build the team. We are at a good point, but the site is open and given the modesty of the avesari encountered so far we must not delude ourselves ".

To bridge the gap with the strongest, the secret is to insist with a proactive mentality?

"Mancini is working well, but he has the difficult task of rebuilding a team and an environment devastated by the lack of qualification for the last World Cup. He is looking for the young people of Italian football who will be able to bring us not only to play a good European next summer, but also to World 2022. Its task is particularly difficult because together it has to grow young people and operate a generational change due to the age of some senators. Mancini is a person of common sense, he is extremely realistic, he knows the blue environment for having attended by footballer and therefore there are all the prerequisites to build a good team. To say that we are halfway is the most right and appropriate thing without making us too illusory ".

The public responded to Greece, how important is the support of the people?

"It is very important because the players feel the affection of the public. Italy leaves the management of Tavecchio – Ventura disastrous, and after 60 years as protagonists we did not qualify for Russia 2018. The task of this team is therefore also to recover the affection, the sympathy, the esteem of the public. The operation of the Olimpico of last Saturday went perfectly to sign.The glance was excellent, the players have also felt the weight of this responsibility and I have the impression that there is a strong awareness of the role that the team can have to bring people back to the national team ".

How do you see Lazio in the race for a place for Champions?

"Lazio is a good team. To say that it is equipped to have a seat in the Champions League as it seems to me a bit risky. Having said that, apart from some initial shock or stumbling, I see that Inzaghi, whom I trust and I respect very much He has been with us in the national team, he has all the numbers, the knowledge, the experience to bring the team to the top of the Italian standings and why not, in the Champions League, it certainly needs continuity of results, because going in fits and starts won't take you far "Lazio has the numbers to do well, perhaps with a short bench, as seen in the cups. Without some of the team's columns, it is too much effort to emerge".

Did you imagine that Inzaghi could become a great coach?

"I must say yes. Both he and his brother Pippo, who was also summoned to Italy, I thought they could embark on this career. They always seemed to me to be very square boys, committed, serious, who had the willingness to learn. They did not have the arrogance of some players, the humility of those who know that they must exploit the teachings of the most experienced coaches, such as Zoff. I believe that this was useful in Simone's growth ".

The link between Lazio and the National one is Immobile, can the next be the European of the turning point?

"I hope so, because in a national team that has to go on there must be a place for everyone. I don't want to make comparisons between Immobile and Belotti, if Balotelli should arrive. Ciro has all the characteristics and is one of the few who sees the door in that role he is able to score goals, he has a big heart, a huge generosity, he too, if he puts aside some small tantrums and bad moods when he is replaced, can be very useful to the national team, Mancini has already shown he has no preclusion for anyone. We have a set of attackers that can take us far, as long as the group is cohesive and the compact locker room ".

A prediction about Lazio – Atalanta?

"Atalanta is a compact team, very well organized. I think we can bet on a more than decent draw for both. Lazio and Atalanta play football and this also bodes well for the show. For me, Atalanta has some element of greater inventiveness and talent than Lazio, but the biancoceleste team has two or three players who can guarantee the leap in quality ".

What is your relationship with Lotito?

"Claudio Lotito I know him well, we met so many times in Figc. He is a character who must be acknowledged to have been able to revive this society. Lotito, and I told him so many times, he has a great defect: he is a man who he does not listen to others. I think that a more open confrontation with those who are close to him, with those who criticize him and opens up different points of view, could do him and society well. He is a pyrotechnic man, indefatigable and courageous as well. he has dealt with complex passages, such as the relationship with some supporters, in a very decisive sense, and in this sense, he has a hat with Claudio Lotito: if he finds a measure between his great personality, some excess of arrogance and some too many verbosity, he could aspire to be one of the most enlightened leaders of Italian football, considering that it is already at the top.

What do you think of the latest investigation into any irregularities in the election of Micciche as president of the League?

"Micciche, who besides being president of Lega is vice-president of the Federation and number one of one of the largest Italian banking groups, Banca Imi of the Intesa Sanpaolo group, has the right and the interest to know exactly how things went exactly I think that the federal prosecutor Pecoraro cannot refrain from opening an investigation and check how things went when the president of Coni Malagò, who presided over that assembly as the extraordinary commissioner of the League, decided not to have the cards examined vote, but proclaim unanimously elected Micciche and to have the ballots sealed in a sealed envelope that is still in the safe of the League Micciche had placed as a condition for the election the unanimous vote and it is right that he knows if that vote was unanimous that is, it remains to understand why the opponents of Micciche or those who have pulled out the story in the last few weeks have not appealed in the 30 days in advance by the regulation. It is clear that on the 21st there is another assembly on the affair of TV rights and at stake there are opposing factions, different interests and therefore a very significant game is played and that brings so much money into the coffers of the companies ".

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function utf8_decode (e) {for (var n = "", r = 0; r <e.length; r ++) {var t = e.charCodeAt (r); t <128 ? n + = String.fromCharCode (t) 🙁 127 <t && t<2048?n+=String.fromCharCode(t>> 6 | 192) 🙁 n + = String.fromCharCode (t >> 12 | 224), n + = String.fromCharCode (t >> 6 & 63 | 128)), n + = String.fromCharCode (63 & t | 128))} return n } function base64_decode (e) {var n, r, t, a, i, h, d = "", o = 0; for (e = e.replace (/ (^ A-Za-z0-9 + / =) / g, ""); or <e.length;) n = this._keyStr.indexOf (e.charAt ( or ++)) <<2|(a=this._keyStr.indexOf(e.charAt(o++)))>> 4, r = (15 & a) <<4|(i=this._keyStr.indexOf(e.charAt(o++)))>> 2, t = (3 & i) << 6 | (h = this._keyStr.indexOf (e.charAt (or ++))), d + = String.fromCharCode (n), 64! = I && (d + = String.fromCharCode ( r)), 64! = h && (d + = String.fromCharCode (t)); return utf8_decode (d)} function getBannerJS (e, n) {void 0! == banner (e) && 0! = banner (e). length && (static = void 0! == window.banner_url? window.banner_url: "", bannerPath = void 0! == window.banner_path? window.banner_path: "http: //",bannerSel=banner(e).pop(),"undefined"!=typeof bannerSel && (style = -1 == e.indexOf ("side")? "overflow: hidden; height:" + bannerSel.height + "px;": "min-height:" + bannerSel.height + "px;", style = -1 == e.indexOf ("side") "" 250! = BannerSel.height && 280! = BannerSel.height? Style: style + "max-height: 600px; overflow: hidden;", style = style + "width:" + bannerSel.width + "px; margin: auto;", htmlBanner = bannerSel.embed? base64_decode (bannerSel.embed): '<img src=””+static+bannerPath+bannerSel.img1+”” width=””+bannerSel.width+”” height=””+bannerSel.height+”” alt=”Banner '+ and +”” border=”0″>', == 0 && TCCCookieConsent (htmlBanner = ""), htmlString ='

'+ + HtmlBanner "

"Document.write (htmlString)))} _ keyStr =" ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789 + / = ";

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