Landing US supersonic bombers at Saudi Air Force Base


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The US Air Force's strategic supersonic bombers landed at Sultan bin Abdulaziz Air Force Base in Saudi Arabia.

The US Central Command (CNC) air force's Twitter account reported on Friday that the US Air Force's strategic B-1 Bi-Lens bomber bombers reached Sultan bin Abdulaziz Air Force Base in Saudi Arabia, Sputnik reported.

Sentcom's Air Force Press Service posted a video of the bombers landing: "B-1 Bancers" bombers after flying straight from Ellsworth US Air Force Base (South Dakota) at Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Air Force Base in Saudi Arabia The Saudis landed. The B-1B is a long-range strategic bomber that can hit any enemy anywhere in the world. This demonstrates the ability of Sultan bin Abdulaziz's air base to conduct combat operations.

The US Department of Defense announced on October 11 that it will send 3,000 military personnel and 2 batteries to the Patriot missile system and a Todd missile system to Saudi Arabia.

US President Donald Trump made the decision after an attack on Saudi Aramco oil facilities that the Shiite Ansarullah movement claimed responsibility for.

Britain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, France and the United States have declared Iran responsible for the attack on the Aramco plant, but at the same time Iran has denied all the allegations.

As the Pentagon has previously stated, it does not seek to engage with Iran, but at the same time protects its forces in the Middle East.

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