Lack of demand, a German detective gives up publishing evidence on the crash of the MH17


The German detective Josef Resch, who had proposed in September to unveil new evidence on the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in Donbass in 2014, finally withdrew his proposal for lack of demand, said his lawyer Sputnik.

The international investigation did not show any interest in the information gathered by private German detective Josef Resch about the crash of the Boeing Malaysia Airlines in Donbass in 2014 and therefore Mr.Resch withdraws his proposal to share this evidence with the investigators, the detective's lawyer said in a letter to Sputnik.

"My client did everything to fulfill his request for assistance formulated publicly. But he was not heard for unexplained reasons. He indicates that this issue is currently closed, "wrote the lawyer.

The lawyer recalled that MrResch, who had conducted a private investigation into the Malaysian Boeing crash, said he was ready in August to release evidence of the disaster if the Joint Investigation Group (JIT) and The Netherlands confirmed in writing their participation in the procedure before 18 October and whether the international media could have access to this information.
According to the detective, this situation suggests that the investigation would not be interested in establishing the truth and that it would hide evidence.
Mr.Resch's representative denied information that the detective would have sold his evidence to interested parties.

"I can declare on behalf of my client that this is not true! Nobody has ever contacted him about this, nor the media, nor anyone else, "insisted the lawyer.

Josef Resch inquiry

In early August, MrResch told Sputnik that he knew the names of those responsible for the crash, the causes of the tragedy and had other information that the international investigation was unaware of, he said. He said he was ready to hand over his information to the Netherlands, Malaysia or Russia.

According to Josef Resch, he received several anonymous threats because of his investigation. In addition, his apartment was searched, and his safe containing a document on case MH17 in a Swiss bank was opened at the request of the Netherlands.

Flight crash MH17

A Malaysian Boeing 777 flying MH17 Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur, crashed on 17 July 2014 in Donbass. The 298 people who were on board the aircraft were killed in the crash. Kiev accused the rebels of Donbass of shooting down the plane, but they said they did not have weapons of such magnitude.
The Joint Investigation Group (JIT) led by the Dutch prosecutor's office claims that the Boeing was shot down by a Buk ground-to-air system that had belonged to Kursk's 53rd ground-to-air missile brigade. According to the JIT, the Bouk was taken to the Donbass and then brought back to Russian territory.
In June 2019, JIT issued a new report, detailing the names of four people suspected of shooting down the Boeing MH17. They are Russians Igor Girkin, Sergei Doubinsky, Oleg Poulatov and Ukrainian Leonid Khartchenko. However, the group refers to sources of questionable information, including photos and information found in social networks and on the Internet.

Russia categorically rejects the accusations of involvement in the disaster and has repeatedly criticized the biased nature of the investigation.

The JIT, which does not include Russian experts, refuses to take into consideration documents proving that the missile that shot down the Malaysian Boeing belonged to Ukraine. He also ignores the results of the experiments conducted by the Buk designer, the Almaz-Antei group, which show that the Boeing was shot down from an area that was then controlled by the Ukrainian army.

A trial on the MH17 crash is scheduled to open in the Netherlands in March 2020.

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