Kylie Jenner is sincere about her private life (photos)


The 22-year-old businesswoman conducted a question and answer session with her followers on Instagram and was honest about her private life.

The celebrity shared her maternity experience and said that he had lost a little confidence in himself same for the changes he has suffered since he gave birth to his daughter Stormi.

One of the questions was how he managed to recover his figure after pregnancy. The celebrity replied that she did it quite quickly, but that her body was never the same and still is not.

"Once I accepted the change, my confidence returned. It only takes time", be sincere.

Kylie Jenner also revealed that the pregnancy left stretch marks on her "breasts, butt and thighs," but has not tried to get rid of them.

"I simply accepted it as a small gift from Stormi," he replied humorously.

For the young woman, the best part of her pregnancy was feeling Stormi "move and grow" inside her.

He also confirmed that he would like to become a mother again, however he admitted that he is not ready for now, so it will take a while until a second pregnancy. Now his priority is little Stormi who is a year and a half old.

Another question Jenner answered was about the names she thought for her daughter. The celebrity revealed that he almost called her Rosa And he still loves that name.

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