KRG supports Iraqi government to target protests


Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister Mesrur ​​Barzani announced his support for the Iraqi government headed by Adil Abdulmehdi.

According to a written statement made by the KRG Council of Ministers, the Council held a session in which recent developments in Syria and Iraq were evaluated.

Barzani, in his speech at the session, "the demonstrators are rightful and legal demands, as well as the support for the solution of problems in the government of Abdulmehdi," he said.

The Iraqi government made a series of decisions on October 6th and 9th to meet the demands of the people who went down the street because of corruption, unemployment and lack of public services.

The capital, Baghdad and some provinces in the south, have been protesting since October 1st for corruption, unemployment and lack of public services. Since the start of the demonstrations, the number of dead over 110, more than 6 thousand people were injured.

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