Khimki – Maccabi, October 3, 2019, Euroleague online gaming day


21:55. Of course, it was possible to play back the five-point backlog 1:20 before the siren, but … Kurtinaitis took a time-out, released large ones and forced the opponent to attack from behind the arc. And that was not even funny. To the credit of basketball players from Tel Aviv, they fought until the last seconds, and they could very well have turned the game into overtime if they had realized at least one out of 18 failed attempts. The final score is 89:83.

21:46. It’s great for the guests to walk the ball around the perimeter, and in the percentage of two-point shots they are much better, but as soon as patience breaks and long-distance attempts go, the game breaks. To six points, the gap between the hosts was reduced – 83:77.

21:42. It seems that the players from Mytishchi get bored by the end of the match. They come up with difficulties for themselves. The Swede is firing almost from the central circle, when the scoreboard is 22 seconds to attack …

21:40. Alexey Shved scores 20 points with a shot from an average distance. “Khimki” lead 6 minutes before the siren 82:70.

21:32. Only 3 accurate attempts from behind the arc of 17 – such a disappointing indicator for Maccabi 8 minutes before the siren does not allow competing with Khimki on equal terms. The owners of this indicator 50% – 14/28.

21:27. Toward the close of the third quarter, the Swede at the end of possession famously broke through the ring. How his team of Russia in China was missing … The teams left for a break with the score – 71:65.

21:23. Well, how can one maintain moral strength in resistance when you do not realize an easy throw, and the Swede gets from behind the arc in an early attack ?! 71: 56 …

21:20. The Maccabi players just started to get something, like the next bomb from Anthony Gill. After that Black lost his nerves, he received a technical foul, and the advantage of Khimki again reached 12 points. 2 minutes before the break after three Yerebko score was 68:56.

21:16. For some reason, the hosts began to complicate the game in attack. A couple of losses, several heavy throws, and the opponent pulled himself up again – 60:54 3:33 before the break.

21:12. Kurtinaitis wards started up – 60:49. While the hosts have three-point shots, there are no options for guests.

21:07. Guys from Israel are scorching on sparrows from behind the arc, in a return attack a master class from Anthony Gill is 53:43.

21:05. The break did not go to the benefit of the teams. A lot of mistakes in the debut of the third quarter – 50:45, the guests were a bit tight. Then Jovic was injured. His opponent rocked, Stefan sharply changed the direction of movement and, apparently, pulled his muscles. They help him.

20:47. And here the real beauty has arrived! Monya threw himself from behind the arc onto the ring, and Evans performed a spectacular walk-up. The first half of the game ended – 48:40 in favor of Khimki.

20:45. Sergei Monya after a timeout was taken to the throw from behind the arc. Sergei did not miss, two of the two have 46:39.

20:42. Black is using his might and main – under his shield and in attack. The guys from Tel Aviv are pulling up in the long run – 43:38. And already Kurtinaitis takes a timeout.

20:39. The Swede sends a long throw into the basket, it’s a pity, Alexei intervened very little. The guests rest, do not let the Khimki go by more than 10 points – 41:34 3 minutes before the siren.

20:36. Spheropoulos did not help and the timeout. After him, the separation of Khimki only increased – 39:27, 5 minutes before the big break.

20:32. The appearance on the site of Moni even more annoyed coach guests. Sergey is accurate in the first throw from behind the arc – 32:25. Jerk in the second quarter 10: 4.

20:30. Gill's debut second quarter on fire! And goes under the shield, and is accurate from the corner – 29:23. The Maccabi Mentor Spheropoulos is furious.

20:22. The Israelis pulled themselves up in the end – 24:21, with such an advantage the hosts went to the first break rivals.

20:18. Cool defended and in a quick attack, the Swede was noted for an accurate long-range hit. Khimki does not give the opponent chances for free throws. Guests take a timeout when the score is 22:16 a minute before the first break.

20:15. Cool interaction between Swede and Timm, the latter is accurate from behind the arc. In the next attack, another bomb from Yannis happened! But the opponent also fled. 2 minutes before the siren the score is equal – 17:16.

20:13. Oh, Casspi barely torn Yerebko’s head when Yunas tried to throw the ball from under the ring. A technical foul was realized and the score was even – 10:10. Fighting and hard game.

20:10. And here are the first 2 points of the Swede. Alex broke through the ring, fouled on it and were punished – 9: 8.

20:08. The Swede and Booker drew beauty, but Devin jumped too powerfully and flew the ring. In a return attack, guests fall from behind the arc and go forward 8: 7.

20:05. Four cool defenses against Khimki, and Yerebko opens a goal score – 7: 3 7:00 before the break.

20:03. Guests work very hard in the paint. Blake flew with such pressure to drive the match from above that he nearly broke Timm in half. Janis put three in a retaliatory attack. For there is nothing to anger – 5: 3.

20:02. In the very first attack, Booker opens an account, having worked very well under someone else’s shield.

20:00. Yerebko, Jovic, Timma, Booker and Swede – this is how the starting five of Khimki look like. The match has begun!

19:50. The main intrigue that preceded the match was resolved! Alexey Shved is already on the floor.

19:15. The history of personal meetings of today's rivals at the Khimki site is not the best for the Russian squad. Of the four away matches, the Israelis won three. Last season, the Moscow Region team lost both at home and away.

7 p.m. The game will begin at the Mytishchi Arena in an hour. We can confidently say that Sergey Karasev, Dairis Bertans, Timofey Mozgov, Evgeny Valiev, Petr Gubanov, Timofey Yakushin will not take part in it.

6 p.m. Curious moment. It turns out that it is the match of BC Khimki that two tournaments will start. First, the Moscow Region team opened the VTB United League season, and now the Euroleague. Exciting and honorable.

17:45. Kurtinaitis wards have already managed to hold two meetings as part of the VTB United League regular season. In the opening match of the season, Zelena Gora was beaten in a difficult fight. The second rival of Khimki was the Estonian Kalev. There were fewer difficulties, and victory was overconfident.

17:30. A team from Israel flew to Russia in advance and conducted two full training sessions. For Maccabi, this will be the first official match of the season.

3 p.m. Maccabi conducted a serious transfer campaign last summer. In Tel Aviv, broke up with Deandre Kane, Kendrick Ray, Michael Roll, Jeremy Pargo, Alex Thyus and Johnny O’Briant.
The Israeli club Omri Kasspi (moved to Europe from the NBA), Tyler Dorsey, Othello Hunter, Quincy Aacy, Nate Walters, Sandy Cohen and Elijah Bryant joined the composition of the Israeli club. Despite the fact that the task for the season (getting into the Euroleague playoffs) was not completed, the Maccabi coach Yannis Sferopoulos retained his work.

2 p.m. In addition to Khimki and Maccabi, Panathinaikos and Crvena Zvezda, Bavari and Olympia will also meet. Well, the first game day of the new season “Real” and “Fenerbahce” will be completed. The last match can be safely called central in the entire first round.

13:45. Mentor himchan Rimas Kurtinaitis praised the opponent’s readiness for the season.

“Of course, Maccabi is a very good team, although in recent years they have not had a result, so they need to rehabilitate themselves. They have a good coach who put together a good team. As part of Maccabi, one can distinguish Wilbekin, Walters, who moved from Zalgiris, Casspi, who returned from the NBA, where he spent ten years, as well as center Black. In a word, they have a fighting staff, but we play at home and must give double energy, show home confidence.

We had two matches in the VTB League, where there were not only a lot of good things, but also things that could be played better. We have a lot of problems, many players have changed, and playing is not so easy, but I think that everything will be in order, because the guys train very well, and we have enough skill. I hope that we will begin the new season with a victory. ”

13:30. The main news that should please the fans of the club: Alexey Shved and Anthony Gill are training with the team in a common group. This means that we have the opportunity to see these guys on the floor today. The game will be missed due to damage Sergey Karasev and Dairis Bertans.

13:20. The main club basketball tournament of Europe starts with four matches. The Russian club Khimki at the Mytishchi Arena in the first match receives the Israeli Maccabi. The game will begin at 20:00 Moscow time. We will tell you in detail about the events that will occur both on the site and beyond. Stay with us!

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