Kate Middleton barefoot: the duchess is charming, with that polish … Photos and videos


The Duchess of Cambridge could only present herself in green, the color of Islam. With golden embroidery. And a charming detail …

Kate Middleton and William of England could not escape one of the most important events of their trip to Pakistan: a visit to the Lahore mosque. Where, for the first time, the Duchess of Cambridge shows the world … her bare feet! With lots of burgundy enamel – PHOTO | VIDEO 1 | VIDEO 2 | VIDEO 3 | VIDEO 4 | VIDEO 5 | VIDEO 6

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IN GREEN AND GOLD – Kate Middleton presents herself for the visit to the mosque in green (the color of Islam), with the head strictly covered by a veil, and the feet strictly naked (better, with transparent pantyhose, as a matter of hygiene). The dress is embellished with golden embroidery and the Duchess of Cambridge reveals her feet to the world for the first time. Feet that, charmingly, have burgundy enamel nails.

Kate Middleton had already used the green for the gala dinner – READ | PHOTO | VIDEO

A SUCCESS – Once again, in short, Kate Middleton's look is a success. Because never like this time the Duchess of Cambridge was called to support the official visit to Pakistan even with her elegance. And so he did, without ever missing a beat. Not even this time in the mosque …

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