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We are only in October. But at the second stop of the championship, a first (among many) bets by Maurizio Sarri seems already won: the one linked to Miralem Pjanic. It is not just a question of numbers, of those 150 balls to touch per game. Ball more, ball less, the Bosnian is completely at the center of this Juve's tactical project: even in the magnificent action that led to Gonzalo Higuain's goal against Inter, you can see him 24 passes and five times the ball passes by Pjanic's feet, always sought and always ready to verticalise as soon as possible. Numbers. Also the Cies, who through his own algorithms has issued a verdict mica to laugh: he crosses so many: in the last month, Pjanic, is the player with the highest yield in all Europe. AT THE TOP – "I am in the club among the best in the world and I also want to be among the best in the world". Thus Pjanic spoke on the eve of Juventus-Bayer Leverkusen. No sooner said than done. Pjanic's growth is evident, it is not just a question of numbers, but of substance. Of awareness. Not that with Max Allegri he was on the sidelines, in fact he was always among the very titular ones and it was the Juventus coach who convinced him to lower his range. But with Sarri it all seems new, even what maybe is not. The way of playing changes, before it widened it now becomes vertical, but it is not only this. What is now appears to be a certainty is the maturation of Pjanic from every point of view, if the impression marries the dubious numbers there are no more: the Bosnian is among the top in the world. And for a month, the number one.

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