Johnson Johnson's $ 2 billion fine on a man whose breasts had grown


Johnson Johnson was forced to pay compensation to a resident of Miraland, Philadelphia, for taking one of the company's medicines to grow her breasts.

Johnson's company is being forced to pay $ 8 billion in compensation for one of its customers complaining of misrepresentation of the drug on the box, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Yelas Murray alleged in his complaint that he had taken a prescription medication as a child from 2003 to 2008, used to treat schizophrenia and depression, but the drug had side effects that the man was unaware of. . According to him, the company was aware of the dangers of the drug, but doctors have prescribed it.

In 2015, the jury issued the first verdict in the case, convicting the company of $ 1.75 million in damages, later reduced to $ 680,000, however, the man received eight billion from the company. will do.

Representatives of the company have also said that they will not accept a court order to pay such a sum and seek its annulment.

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