Izmir will host the Danube


between 24 and 27 October in Izmir within the scope of the project Diversity in the Union which existed for centuries initiated to maintain and improve relations between Turkey and the Danube Region 'Izmir Danube Days' events will be held.

Istanbul Cultural Center and the Association of Hungarian partners Pen Turkey carried out by the European Foundation 'Unity in Diversity' project from 24 to 27 October in Izmir 'Izmir Danube Days' events will be held.

Hungarian Cultural Center under the leadership of Turkey carried out in partnership with the European Foundation and Pen Association 'Diversity in Unity: Intercultural the Danube Wave Dialogue' scope will be performed and financing activities will continue for 4 days, the European Union and Turkey meet.

Within the scope of İzmir Danube Days, V4 Central European films will be presented to the audience with the theme of Pursuit of Waves at İzmir Architecture Center. Selected films from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia will be presented in terms of fluidity and unconsciousness in both real and metaphoric and environmental and social contexts.

The program will also include a photo exhibition of the Danube, one of the largest rivers in Europe, and a contemporary dance show, D U A L, at the Church of St. Vukolos.


The winners of the Stories on the Danube River Story Competition, which was completed by the Hungarian Cultural Center and Kalem Culture Association on October 9, will be announced in the interview program to be held at Yaşar University. In addition, a program of interviews on stories, literature and authorship will be organized at Yaşar University.

Izmir fly to Turkey for centuries between the current impact of the Danube and the Danube Region Days activities and ties were identified as showing contemporary art. The fact that the peoples living on the banks of the Danube have lived together for centuries, have made war and trade with each other as well as being the subject of common legends, and that they have composed poems and songs are becoming more important. On the other hand, the Danube River extends from the middle of Europe to the Black Sea and affects the inhabitants of the coast and the existing dialogue to continue without stopping the activities of the event is another.

The program of İzmir Danube Days activities which will be held in İzmir Architecture Center, Saint Vukolos Church and Yaşar University, which is open to public and free of participation, is as follows:

-İzmir Architecture Center

EXHIBITION – Angles of the Danube

October 24-27

– In pursuit of the waves – V4 Central European Films

Thursday, October 24

20:00 Mermaid's song (PL)

– Friday, October 25

19:00 Selection of Hungarian Short Films (HU)

21:00 Waxing Sun (SK)

-26 October Saturday

19:00 Knife in the Water (PL)

21:00 A Way on the Danube (SK)

-27 October Sunday

19:00 Little Mermaid (CZ)

21:00 Pupendo (CZ)

– Church of St. Vukolos

Contemporary dance show

October 25

20:30 Nový Priestor: D U A L

-Yaşar University

Literature interview

October 25

14:00 Stories on the Danube

Evaluating literature and translating literary texts

Speakers: Fuat Semivay, Nermin Mollaoğlu

Moderator: Gulşah Elikbank

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