Iran would have created a kit to convert rockets into precision missiles


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A kit to turn artillery rockets into guided missiles was presented in Iran and handed over to the Iranian army, according to

Iran unveiled new weapons last week, including a kit to turn artillery rockets into remote-controlled ground-to-air missiles, the specialized magazine Jane' announced.

The presentation of the kit, dubbed Labeik, was made in the presence of generals Mohammad Hossein Dadras, deputy commander of the Iranian army, and Kioumars Heidar, commander of the land forces, according to the publication's website.

The Labeik kit would be compatible with the Zelzal short-range, 610-mm Iranian missile ballistic missile. It resembles the guidance systems of the Fateh-110 missile family and is attached between the warhead and the rocket engine.

"There is nothing new in the conversion itself. The Iranians have been doing this for years and they have already shown conversion kits for the Fatah 110 family of missiles. What is new here is the aerodynamics of the side fins. It's really unique and never seen so far in Iran or anywhere else, "said Uzi Rubin, one of the pioneers of Israel's first attempts at missile defense, quoted by the Times of Israel newspaper.

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