Iran shows its "holed up" oil tanker for the first time – photo


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According to the AP news agency, Iran's oil ministry has released photos of the damaged Iranian tanker "Sabiti" on Monday, showing the damage done for the first time.

The recordings were apparently made on Sunday. The pictures show two large holes above the waterline on the starboard side of the ship.

                    AP Photo / SHANA via AP

Iran's oil ministry published photos of its damaged tanker "Sabiti", which apparently had been made on Sunday

The tanker should be on the way back to the Persian Gulf, the agency said.
Iranian President Hassan Rohani said on Monday that Tehran also has a video of the incident. The recordings would prove that the Iranian ship had been hit by at least two missiles.

Attack in the Red Sea

On October 11, it was announced that the Iranian oil tanker "Sabiti" near the Jeddah harbor in Saudi Arabia had been damaged by two explosions. The Iranian Foreign Ministry later confirmed this information. The detonations were caused by rocket attacks. As a result, it had come to a fire and an oil leak on the ship.

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