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Nerazzurri fans smothered because the final line was cut, the one on the lawyer Prisco with references to the Bianconeri. Suning has nothing to do, just a synchronization problem

Impossible to notice in front of the TV, where, moreover, Sky has set a new record for listeners. But those who were in the Meazza last Sunday caught something strange. The hymn "There is only Inter," which usually precedes the entry into the field of the Nerazzurri players, was interrupted just before the final line, the one that reads "And I am still reminded of the lawyer Prisco, he he said that Serie A is in our DNA, I do not steal the championship and in B I have never been ”.

Advance in the field

Strange, the most visceral words erased precisely against the most hated opponent. That is why several Interists – even after the arrival of Marotta and Conte – came to doubt that the episode could be linked to a "politically correct" gesture of Chinese property towards the Bianconeri. Much more simply, the 2002 Graziano Romani song was interrupted before the end because the teams entered the field a little earlier than expected and at that point it was necessary – by contract – to start the music of the Serie A League.

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