"In November my daughter gets married"


Paolo Bonolis, Ansa

Paolo Bonolis (photo Ansa)

ROME – Interviewed by Silvia Toffanin, a guest in Verissimo's living room, Paolo Bonolis reveals: "On Stefano's wedding day I was very excited and now I hope to soon become a grandfather. Then, in November my daughter Martina also gets married. We hope others will wait a while ”.

When Paolo Bonolis met Sonia Bruganelli he was already the father of two children: "I have been absent due to distance problems with my first two children, I am here in New York. I must say that Sonia was fundamental in the relationship between what was before and what is now. He never failed to connect these two worlds. He did it with great sense of family and for this I will be forever grateful to you ".

Sonia Bruganelli admits that at the beginning things were not simple: "I felt a bit lost because it was an important family legacy. He had two children and I was very young, so much so that in the early days I don't think I managed the situation as well. Then, as I grew older, I realized that what had been there before did not take anything away from me and that there were two boys who had the right to have their father near them. "

And on the difficulties of raising a girl born with a serious health problem, Sonia adds: "Silvia is a girl who is happy with the happiness of others, because she has a great sensitivity, proven by what she has experienced. However, I am not one of those mothers who say that what happened is a joy. I wanted to give her a start like everyone else. I would have preferred a straight path. Silvia has become a treasure, but there has also been great effort on the part of her brothers, especially for Davide, who since he was a child has had to deal with a different reality ".

Paolo Bonolis, finally, speaks of his spirituality and confesses "Every night, before falling asleep, I think with gratitude to all the people I have had the good fortune to know in my life: there is my father, there is Sonia's father , there are my grandparents. I thank everyone, including Sandra and Raimondo: I greet them because I feel a little indebted to them ".

Source: Verissimo.

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