"In Naples there is nothing to celebrate". That's why the former minister Grillo will not go to Italia 5 Stelle


"I don't think there's anything to celebrate. Many citizens find it difficult to recognize themselves in the Movement and I with them ”. Giulia Grillo, former Minister of Health, will not be present at the “Italia 5 Stelle” event. He answers the phone while traveling to Messina, the city where he lives: "I'm going home, I don't have the right spirit to be present in Naples". The historic face of the pentastellars, ten years as an activist on his shoulders, now Giulia Grillo is considering the idea of ​​leaving M5s, a party that defines top-down "with a guide who decides everything". Party that has lost "its distinctive trait".

Mrs Grillo, the 5 Star Movement is ten years old, you founded one of the first meet ups, was a minister in the previous government, why the decision not to attend the party?

"I don't feel in the spirit of celebrating. Respect those who have this feeling, but I have another, completely different that is not that of the party. A different initiative was needed to think about what to correct. In this way Italia 5 Stelle becomes a 5-star Leopolda without a tip of true quality ”.

What should you do instead?
"After 10 years, this party had to be conceived in a different way. There have also been rather violent changes, I find it hard to still recognize myself in the Movement and, like me, many other people too.

But let's talk about something more concrete. What does not work anymore in the Movement, in your opinion?

"We changed method, we gave up what made us different from others. I wonder who we are, what we'll do. We can't continue to pretend nothing happened. M5s has renounced the theme of transversality. We have renounced the rotation of tasks. At the limit of the two terms. Giancarlo Cancelleri, whom I greatly admire, was a group leader in Sicily and is now a deputy minister. Therefore an exception was made to the regulation. Derogation that had to be discussed and evaluated in any case, beyond the person involved. Now people ask me what we differ from others and I find it hard to answer. For this I will not be present ”.
Your detractors may think that you will not be present because you have not been confirmed as a minister.

"For me this is an important moment of reflection, which I can do now that I am not a minister. But I want to clarify one thing: I didn't wake up now. Rather. When I had to and wanted to say things I always said them and maybe that's why I'm not a minister anymore either. "

I imagine he is referring to the fact that he repeatedly spoke with Luigi Di Maio to explain to the political leader what was wrong, right?

"I remain convinced that the guide figure should be revised, a monoblock guide is no longer good. There cannot be a person who decides for everyone and who does everything. We need to better understand how to use this direct democracy, how to convene the assembly of members ”.

But Di Maio announced a team that will work alongside him, isn't it enough?

"It's not a team problem. The members' assembly must be involved. A test of deep participatory democracy must be made from which to draw out a different method of organization. This alone would be a very important sign of discontinuity. We must reset ourselves otherwise we run the risk of skidding. The problem is that we have no orientation, from an alliance with the right we have moved to an alliance with the left, and without orientation it is very easy to skid. We lost 6 million votes and also a lot of our identity. Enthusiasm has failed even among activists ".
Will your absence at the Italia 5 Stelle party result in a farewell to the 5 Star Movement?

"I evaluated the idea of ​​going away, I won't hide it. I struggled to recognize you in the Movement in the last year, even when I was a minister. I don't think I make the decision to leave, at least not at the moment. I'm trying to understand, I'm not someone who does something so much to do it. It's my strength, I can't be hypocritical, or all or nothing. For now, I reflect ”.

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