In Colombia "the great defeated is uribism," says senator of Alianza Verde


The Green Alliance victories in Bogota, where a woman will rule for the first time, and in several other cities show that "the country is looking for alternatives," Senator Antonio Sanguino told Sputnik. For the parliamentarian, the Colombian people got tired of Alvaro Uribe and "traditional politics".

"The great defeated is uribismo," Antonio Sanguino, senator of the Green Alliance of Colombia, told Sputnik after the regional elections held in the South American country on Sunday 27. The triumph of Claudia Lopez in the mayor's office of Bogota, and the victories of Several alternative candidates in many important cities demonstrate the intention of Colombians for an alternative to officialism.

"I think the country is looking for alternatives to traditional political forces, alternatives to what the Democratic Center and Uribism represents," Sanguino said.

According to the senator, the results showed that the Green Party "is a trustee of trust" of that electorate eager for electoral change.

Thus, he reviewed, the Green Alliance won electoral victories not only in Bogota, where Claudia Lopez became the first woman to win the mayor's office, but also in important cities such as Cali, where Jorge Ivan Ospina triumphed.

Sanguino also highlighted the candidates who, without belonging to the party, triumphed in coalitions supported by the Greens. "We have also helped Juan Carlos Cardenas win the mayor of Bucaramanga, we have accompanied Carlos Caicedo who won the Magdalena Governorate, we repeated the mayor of Santa Marta with the Citizen Force and we won that of Manizales, Florencia, Boyaca and the mayor of Villavicencio in coalition with the Polo, "he said.
The results favorable to the Green Alliance, together with others in which alternative candidates for Uribism triumphed, mean that for Sanguino it is demonstrated that "the country is exhausted from the polarization we have experienced in recent times and a rather arrogant and authoritarian attitude by the Government. "
In the same way, the senator pointed out the tiredness of citizenship with "traditional politics and the relationship between traditional politics, corruption and patronage."

For Sanguino, the surprising victory of Jairo Yanez, the candidate of the Green Alliance, in Cucuta and the triumph of an outsider like William Dau in Cartagena, meant defeats of that "traditional politics".

The uribismo – political current that supports the figure of the former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe Velez (2002-2010) – was "the great defeated" in that process, considered the parliamentarian, also pointing out the surprise defeat of the Democratic Center in bastions such as the department of Antioquia and its capital Medellin.

"The flags that Alianza Verde defends and the alternative forces in defense of peace agreements, a 'green' agenda to face climate change are elements that have helped us to be a pole of attraction for that citizenship, especially in the big cities".

The result may also be a message that arrives directly to Colombian President Ivan Duque. "Hopefully President Duque will overcome his deafness regarding the country. It would seem that he is absorbed and this is a very clear message from the citizens," he said.

Claudia Lopez, a "rupturist" mayor

Sanguino also highlighted the importance of Claudia Lopez's victory in the mayor's office of Bogota, becoming the first woman in history to access that position.
"Claudia is a fierce woman, a woman fighter who I know of the student movement by the constituent in the early nineties, when she already had an attitude of a lot of character," recalled the senator, referring to Lopez's participation in student claims that in 1991 they demanded a constitutional reform.
Sanguino described the electing mayor as "an incorruptible woman" who comes from "the popular sectors and the classes measured and who manages to identify with the majority of Bogota citizens."

But in addition, the senator stressed that Lopez "is disruptive in his personal life", having publicly explained his sexuality and his relationship with activist Angelica Lozano.

Lopez also served as a senator between 2014 and 2018, something that for Sanguino "helped him forge a leadership that today is rewarded by this election."

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