In Canada, Trudeau re-elected prime minister, but alone failed to reach the majority to form a government


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According to the results of the general election held in Canada, Justin Trudeau was once again elected prime minister but could not reach the majority to form a government alone. The Liberal Party, led by Trudeau, will need the support of a party with fewer votes to form a government.

While Canada needed 170 seats in parliament to form a government, the Liberal Party remained in 155 seats. Although the Conservative Party of Canada managed to get more votes from the Liberal Party, it failed to beat the Liberals in the constituencies and remained in 122 seats. In 2015, the Liberal Party won 184 seats and the Conservative Party won 99 seats.

According to the T24, the other parties that had the right to enter the parliament were Bloc Quebecois with 32 seats, the New Democratic Party with 25 and the Green Party with three seats. In Canada, an independent name will serve in the new legislative period.

Prime Minister Trudeau went to the polls in the shadow of the scandals, but managed to remain in power despite his loss of support. Recently, photographs of the Canadian leader, who painted his face in the past, were revealed and were accused of racism. Trudeau's name was also frequently mentioned in the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal.

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