In Bolivia, government will not object to second round of election with alleged 'cheating'


The Bolivian government said it would not object to the second round of the elections if the opposition's allegations of fraud in the general elections are confirmed by an audit.

President of the Republic of Bolivia held on Sunday (October 20th) Evo Moralesprotests and support for Morales continue because of elections, which the opposition claims cheated.

In the country, Organization of American States(OAS) is undergoing preparations for a final audit to be carried out at the request of Morales.

Minister of Communications speaking at a press conference in the capital La Paz, according to Bolivian media reports Manuel Canelasstressed that the government will respect the results of the OAS control.

Morales, the election of the second round to go to the case of proving that the cheating canelas said, in addition to losing the election of opposition candidate Carlos Mesa'nın want to participate in the audit and announced that they expect a response in this regard.

President Morales won the first round in Bolivia two weeks ago with 47.8 per cent, while his former rival, Mesa, remained at 36.51 per cent.

Under the country's laws, a candidate must become 50 per cent of the valid votes or 40 per cent of the votes to become the closest competitor to become president. If these results are not achieved, the elections will go to the second round, where the two candidates with the highest votes will compete.

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