I sink Milan: 146 mln of red. Catastrophic situation, some big could be sacrificed


Not 90 million deficits, but much more. According to the report Gazzetta dello Sport, amounts to well 145.9 million euros red at the consolidated level for the Milan. And at this point the sacrifice of some big names already in January is likely again.

"The 2018-2019 budget, made available yesterday by the small shareholders in view of the meeting at the end of the month, has certified a catastrophic situation at first sight: 145.9 million in red at consolidated level, twenty million more than in the past season – reads on rosea -. A record balance, but in negative: Milan has never seen such an ugly economic situation. And this does not help the sport ascent, since, as they know from Elliott fund, when things are not going well in a family, everyone has to pull the belt. Result: it is difficult to imagine that the famous graft of quality and experience will arrive in January, the leader who still lacks a young and sometimes fragile team. Boban and Maldini will have to make a virtue of necessity: with certain figures behind them, it is difficult to talk about extra budgets ".

A vicious circle that even Inter has known well recently, up to the exit from the shallows thanks to Suning. "The path to return to the top will be very long, because Milan, who for now being out of the cups left the radar of the Uefa and from the stakes of financial fair play, must try to recur to the financially immaculate appeal – explains the Journal -. Without players of a certain level it is difficult to restart the brand and for now the revenues fall: 241.1 million against the 255.8 of the previous season. Revenues from player management (from 42 to 25.5), sponsor income (from 44.7 to 38) and revenues from competitions (from 35.3 to 34.1) decreased. Only revenues from TV rights are up (from 109.3 to 113.8). Very thin consolation ".

Donnarumma, Suso is Paqueta the greatest suspects to be sacrificed on the altar of the accounts.

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