Help actress lady hear deaf children + video


Katayoun Riahi is on her way to hearing from deaf children.

It has been a while since the beautiful actress Lady Katayun Riahi has set up a charity foundation called Kish Seal Katayoun that supports children in need of cochlear implants.

In this regard, she has produced a clip and invited other actresses to advertise the charity.

Famous actors in the clip speak different languages ​​about the sound. Elnaz Shakrodost, Leila Hatami, Nikki Karimi, Jaleh Alou speak different languages ​​about the sound of existence. Lady Riahi also speaks with the tongue in the clip for the deaf.
This clip has been praised by many users.

Many users want to join the charity. It is said that people who are willing to help can call No. 1 from 9am to 2pm on business days.

Many users commented that the clip made them chew and cry.

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