Government of Chile decrees fourth night of curfew in Santiago for protests


SANTIAGO (Sputnik) – The Government of Chile decreed the curfew measure in the city of Santiago, it will be the fourth night in which the inhabitants of the capital will not be allowed to leave their homes, within the framework of mass citizen protests.

"The National Defense Headquarters of the Metropolitan Region informs the public that on Tuesday, October 22, there will be a curfew from 20:00 hours (23:00 GMT) to 5:00 hours (8:00 GMT) of the day Wednesday, October 23, "the Chilean Army reported through the social network Twitter.

The measure was decreed by the head of the designated National Defense, Javier Iturriaga, with the objective of safeguarding order in the city against an eventual wave of excesses in the capital.

The measure will also be applied in 12 of the 16 regions of Chile, prohibiting people from freely circulating in public places.

Mobilizations started on the 14th of this month in Chile due to the increase in the price of the Santiago Metro ticket.

Although President Sebastian Pinera announced that the increase will not be applied, the protests continued.

On October 19, demonstrations spread throughout the country and became much more intense, including barricades, looting and fires.

To confront the protesters, the Government invoked the State Security Law, decreed a State of Emergency in the main cities of the country and established a curfew in the main cities.

The State of Emergency is the measure that empowers the Government to deploy the Army and the Armed Forces in the streets, whose presence has generated rejection and resentment among citizens.
The Chilean Government has so far confirmed 15 deaths in the context of the protests.

The Colombian Foreign Ministry has indicated that two of its nationals have died in the same context, but the Chilean Government would not be counting their deaths among official figures.

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