FSB and US intelligence re-discuss cyber security issues


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Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) President Aleksandr Bortnikov said that Moscow and Washington have started to re-discuss cyber security issues.

"We continue our contacts with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Anti-Drug Administration (DEA) at the level of experts and executives," Bortnikov said at the 13th Intelligence Presidents and Law Enforcement Executives Meeting held in Sochi.
2 + 2 format talks about the cyber security issues are discussed in the Bortnikov, "Security forces and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials are actively working in Geneva. We have restarted these relations," he said.
Stating that the exchange of information regarding the terrorist attacks prepared by Russia and the United States is continuing as before, Bortnikov continued:

"Russia helped in the investigation of the attack on the Boston Marathon. The United States reported that an attack was being made to target Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg. "

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