Forget "Holland": Netherlands are working on a new image


The Dutch government has started a campaign to change the country's image, according to media reports. At the center of the effort is the name of the country.

The official name of the country with the capital Amsterdam is "the Netherlands". However, it is often referred to as "Holland" abroad, although North and South Holland are only two out of a total of twelve provinces.

"In the past, 'Holland' was chosen because it is easier for foreigners to pronounce," writes the online edition of the newspaper de Volkskrant on Thursday.

Red light and stoner associations are meant to go away

Currently, "the Netherlands", the official name of the state, according to the magazine "Forbes" is used in all promotional materials. This decision was endorsed by a wide range of stakeholders – including the government, the tourism industry and business leaders – to end decades of confusion.

"The ministers of the government are particularly interested in separating the country internationally from the image of the Amsterdam red light district and drug use in their free time," said "Forbes" on Saturday.

In addition to prostitutes and narcotics, the cliché image of tulips, windmills and cheese is caused when Dutch people introduce themselves abroad with the phrase "I come from Holland", reports "de Volkskrant".

"This is no longer the image that the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Economy want to spread abroad."

New trademark soon made internationally known

The Netherlands will in the future use their official name at international events, such as the 2020 Olympics or the Eurovision Song Contest, which is scheduled to take place in Rotterdam in 2020.
The name change, according to "Forbes" possibly next to the tourist industry to meet the fans of the national football team. With great skill and orange outfit, Dutch football leaves a sustainable legacy associated with the Holland brand.

Orange color remains

According to the portal "Dutch News" Orange should remain the official color of the country. It is not yet known if the tulip symbol is retained.

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