Fioramonti school decree: green light for the employment of 24,000 temporary professors


MIUR release – Green light from the Council of Ministers for the recruitment of 24,000 temporary professors.

A competition reserved for DSGAs (Directors of General and Administrative Services) acting. Eliminate biometric surveys of school staff. National scientific qualifications are valid for nine years. The internalization of school cleaning services has been simplified. Purchases of goods and services for research are also simpler. Incoming other stabilizations for the precarious of Public Research Bodies. These are some of the measures adopted this afternoon in the session of the Council of Ministers regarding the school, university and research sectors.

"Today we approve a decree-law that demonstrates the great will of this Government to combat precariousness in the school by guaranteeing the highest possible number of professorships starting from September 2020 – said the Minister of Education, University and Research, Lorenzo Fioramonti – it is a definite commitment to put the school really at the center of the country because it is from the schools that the construction of a new society begins. Among the measures introduced by the decree-law also the simplification of the procedures for purchases of goods and services for research. No less important – adds the Minister – the extension of the expiry of the national scientific qualification and the measures for precarious research ".

An extraordinary competition for 24,000 temporary professors

The decree-law approved in today's meeting authorizes the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) to launch an extraordinary competition for the recruitment of at least 24,000 teachers in the state secondary school of I and II for the next school year (2020/2021). The decree-law thus accepts the agreement reached in recent days by Minister Fioramonti with the trade unions.

The competition – which will be announced at the same time as the ordinary one – will be based on qualifications and exams and will be reserved for all teachers with a previous service length of at least 3 years – including support – and one in the competition class for which they are facing the selection. For suitability, aspiring teachers must obtain a minimum grade of seven tenths in a written test computer based. The winners will be admitted to a one-year test which will be "reinforced" with a university education aimed at 24 university formative credits. The year will end with a verification interview in which a minimum score of 7/10 must be achieved. The winners of the competition must remain at least five years at the place of first assignment to ensure educational continuity.

The teachers who were found to be "suitable" but not placed in a position suitable for the appointment in the role may still qualify for teaching in the competition class for which they participated by taking an oral exam (always with a minimum score of 7/10) and one year training for the acquisition of 24 university educational credits.

The decree-law also announces measures for the winners of the previous competitions of 2016 and 2018: they will be able to choose to be hired in a different region from that of their ranking.

A competition reserved for active DSGAs

Administrative assistants who have performed the functions of DSGA for at least 3 years can take part in a reserved competition. The winners will be placed in the role in the alternative to those of the ordinary competition in progress.

Eliminate biometric measurements

The decree-law, in article 3, abrogates the provisions for the biometric survey of accesses and service hours for ATA staff (auxiliary, technical and administrative) and for school managers provided for by law 56 of 2019. The provision also intervenes on the possibility of guaranteeing facilitations for school buses for the less wealthy families: it allows the Municipalities to provide the school transport service free of charge, provided that the overall balance is respected.

The internalization of school cleaning services has been simplified

The budget law for 2019 has provided for the internalisation of cleaning services through the admission of 11,200 school collaborators to be chosen among the personnel of the companies that have at least 10 years of previous service in schools. The decree just approved establishes that the selection procedure takes place only for securities so as to allow their completion by December 31, 2019. With the internalisation, a saving of approximately 170 million euros is estimated for 2020.

More streamlined competitions to recruit new school leaders

The new school principals will be hired with a competition based on qualifications and exams and no longer with the course-competition required by current legislation. A measure taken to simplify and speed up the selection procedures for future school heads. The Council of Ministers has also authorized the temporary employment of 59 new technical managers (school inspectors) to remedy the shortage of recent years, pending a new competition for permanent selection, which will be announced as soon as possible.

National scientific qualifications are valid for nine years

The validity of national scientific qualifications passes from six to nine years. This is what is provided for by article 5 of the decree-law which modifies the provisions of law 240 of 2010.

Among the measures provided for by the decree-law the exemption for universities and institutions of high artistic, musical and dance training (AFAM) from the obligation to resort to the MEPA (Electronic public administration market) for the purchase of goods and services for research purposes. The layout will allow higher quality and cost savings.

Other stabilizations for the precarious of Public Research Bodies

The decree-law will also allow precarious workers who have acquired seniority of service with research grants to be stabilized by the respective Bodies, provided they respect the requirements of article 20 of legislative decree n. 75 of 2017.

School decree, yes to extraordinary and ordinary competition. Council of Ministers approves. All measurements (THE TEXT APPROVED)

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