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The sales figures of the Fca Group in September 2019: the positive sign returns. Well all the brands. Alfa Romeo on the shields throughout Europe. Tirano Giulia and Stelvio. Timeless Giulietta. From Record the Ypsilon Monogram and the Panda Trussardi. The data for each model

The Biscione roars again. And it does so on roads throughout Europe. This is what the datas of the Fca Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group say in September. The positive sign returns: it was a long time since we saw it.

Growing sales

FCA grows by 12.8% in Europe. In the quarter July – August – September Fiat Chrysler Automobiles registered the sale of 200.200 cars. This has ensured one market share of 5.4%.

One of the entrances to Fca

All the brands have gone well: from Jeep to Alfa Romeo, from Fiat to Lancia, from Abarth to Ferrari.

Alfa Romeo on the shields, like the ancient condottieri who were brought in triumph after the battle. The brand that today has a Cassino Plant its production Premium records over 4,100 registrations. In September sales up 25.9% and keeps the quota stable to 0.3% of the market.

Alfa Romeo went well in Italy (+ 33.9%), in Germany (+ 21.5%), in France (+ 26%), in the United Kingdom (+ 5.5%) and in Spain (+ 100%).

Giulia, Stelvio, Giulietta

To note the important growths of all three productions of Cassino Plant.

Giulia in September it recorded a 19% increase in sales.

Giulietta in the Quick set-up

Stelvio that the month marking a growth of 39.9%.

Juliet not affected by the years; despite the announcement of the end of the model and its imminent release of production, the Cassino berlinetta has a heroic + 51.1%. (read here Alfa Romeo, Giulietta says goodbye to Cassino Plant after 10 years of love).

Stainless Lancia

Also growing strongly Lancia. The brand is now confined only to the Italian market and in the third quarter of 2019 it registered 11 thousand cars, with a + 34.9% compared to the same period of 2018.

Furthermore, in September the brand's sales were almost 4,200, up 23.3% for a stable share of 0.3%.

Finally, in the annual progressive Lancia registers 46,800 cars, + 29.2% compared to 2018 for a share of 0.4%, up 0.1 percentage points.

All thanks to the preparations of the Ypsilon and commercial policies: the car remains a reference in the female segment, synonymous with elegance and reliability. Continuous updates of the interiors and liveries make it an eternally young car: the most recent example is the new special series Monogram launched in October.

The Lancia Ypsilon in the monogram version of October 2019

Ypsilon in the third quarter of the year and in September it is second behind Panda. The goal of the excellent 2018 result (with 48,600 Ypsilons sold) is now very close. Who bought one Ypsilon in 2019 is on average younger compared to the customers of the previous years and in general the customers of the Lancia model has the largest number of women and is younger than the average of the B segment.

Great Jeep

The brand Jeep closes the third quarter of the year with almost 40,200 cars sold and a share of 1.1%. The September result is definitely positive over 11,800 registrations (+ 18.1%) and share at 0.9%. Almost 132,400 Jeeps sold in the annual progressive, 0.8% more for a stable share at 1.1%.

The brand gets positive results in France (+ 36.9%), in Italy (+ 27.7%), in Germany (+ 6.3%) and in Spain (+ 4.6%).

The Jeep Renegade in the S

Whoever buys Jeep is not satisfied with the basic models. He prefers the preparations premium. The numbers say that the S version of Renegade (the most complete in the range) launched in May in Italy already has 7% mix '. Renegade grew by 26.2% in the quarter, 40.65% in September and 14.4% in the annual progressive;

Compass sales increased in September (6.6%); cherokee in the quarter sales increased by 10.4%, in September by 34.4% and in the first nine months of 2019 by 8.9%.

Fiat is also growing

The Fiat brand during the last month of the third quarter. With just under 49,000 registrations, the brand increases sales by 10.8%, for a share of 3.8%. The brand grew in Spain (+ 60.5%), in Germany (+ 26.8%), in France (+ 8.3%) and in Italy (+ 3.4%).

Fiat can rely on solid certainties in segment A: the various models of 500 and of Panda September closes with positive results. The first is the best selling in the category: over 17,400 registrations in September (+ 5.8%). The Panda increased sales in the quarter (+ 11.6%), in September (+ 2.4%) and in the annual progressive (+ 14%). And he recently established a new record with the marketing of first "luxury" version with the special series Trussardi just launched.

The Panda in the Trussardi 2019 production

Significant results also come from many other models: 500X steadily among the top ten in Europe in its category, sales increased in September (+ 40%) also thanks to the recent marketing of the Sport version.

Positive signs for the last months of the year also from Guy, which grew by 111.6% in September. And from 500L, which increased sales by 6.5%: both models recorded higher growth than the reference segment.

The market

An injection of sales is expected by the end of this week with the flea market: zero-kilometer cars newly registered, executive cars, stock bought by large dealer groups. In the center of Italy will be hosted once again in the factory yards Fca Cassino Plant where it organizes sales the Ecoliri group.

In the past editions, the super discounted formula has guaranteed the sale of thousands of cars.

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