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Lead Studio Maincast Ivan Faker Dyomkin answered the words Ilya Lil Ilyyuk that without professional players, Dota 2 commentators would be left without work. According to Demkin, it was thanks to the commentators that a community of viewers was formed, without which the players would not have sponsors and salaries.

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Ivan Faker Dyomkin
Ivan Faker Dyomkin:

“Leela’s statement is fundamentally false. I’m talking specifically about the part where "without players, we (the lighting studio) would not have work." I don’t want to touch on the rest of the theses; each has his own subjective opinion.

But the specific phrase I have highlighted above is far from the truth. I will remind dear and respected Ilya that there are a lot of games, and there are no esports on them. And this is often due to the fact that no one wants to hold tournaments on them and cover these events. At one time, enthusiasts wrote text retells of the games played, broadcast in the AUDIO format for hundreds of people some kind of meeting between the teams. If there were no people from the sphere of lighting, there would be no community. The community is not one that just plays, but one that watches. After all, many modern viewers themselves do not play that de Dotu themselves.

But Ilya apparently does not understand this. Exactly the same as he does not understand that without coverage of tournaments, you would not have sponsors, you would not have a salary. ”

On October 6, Lil wrote a post on Telegram in which he expressed dissatisfaction with the work of Dota 2 commentators. Vladimir Maelstorm Kuzminovwho shared responsibility for covering matches between casters and players.

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