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There JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency), Japanese agency for weather forecasts, in its latest graphic elaboration issued this morning that we report in a photograph, shows the trajectory of the powerful typhoon that will affect Japan in the next weekend. As can be seen from the graph, the impact of the typhoon will take place on Saturday 12 October, already in the morning. The area concerned is that of the central-southern Japanese coast, near the Suzuka circuit area. According to the meteorological estimates available, the same circuit on Saturday could be affected by precipitation with very high cumulative inputs, estimated at 300 mm / 24h.

In any case, it will be of particular concern wind that, again on Saturday, the JMA foresees, in the area closest to the low pressure vortex, with an intensity of over 80 knots and with peaks of 120 knots as the maximum gust value. It must be said that, even if the runway was not crossed by the deepest vortex zone, from the same JMA graph it is also shown that the wind will blow over 30 knots. This is a very high value that would hinder the use of a F1 car, very sensitive to its wind aerodynamics.

The JMA indicates in 70% the probability that the indicated trajectory will occur, this suggests that the FIA ​​will probably adopt change of program. This could be validated because the next day on Sunday sees the removal of the typhoon towards the NE factor that will bring both a drastic reduction of rain and a decrease in wind intensity. For Sunday at 14 local time, the estimates indicate on Suzuka the absence of precipitating phenomena and an irregularly cloudy sky, an NW wind of less than 20 knots. Temperature of 23 °. Certainly the authority of the forecasting source, the JMA, is not to be doubted. We recall that in any case all the main international weather models agree on the presence of the typhoon, as well as on a very marked phenomenology.

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