Experts: US withdrawal from Syria is linked to the escape of "IS" elements


Experts have questioned the possibility that some countries may help make room for ISIS (banned in Russia) to escape from prisons in northern Syria, and to regroup, and what could result.

According to experts, the US withdrawal from northern Syria, despite Washington's knowledge of the numbers of ISIS in prisons under the authority of the SDF, is a major question mark, especially given the assurances from inside Syria that some ISIS operatives have fled.
And warned an Iraqi MP from the current scene, and considered it just a circle involving some forces and countries, and that it is dangerous for Iraq, Syria and the entire region.

"What is happening is only a new episode in an international series whose goals are known and heroes too, and it raises many questions," said Inas al-Maksousi, a member of the Iraqi parliament.

Speaking to Sputnik on Thursday, she explained that "the presence of ISIS members to date in the SDF prisons is questionable, especially in light of their stay so far without trial."

"It can be read that they were held for a certain time in order to leave, which is happening now, especially as these operations will be followed by other scenarios that are clear in the coming days."

Al-Maksousi expressed surprise at the withdrawal of US forces from Syria and did not specify the next destination.

She stressed that the sleeper cells in Syria and Iraq pose a threat in the coming period, in light of their constant communication, and that the operations will have negative effects, especially in light of the re-activation of groups and the arrangement of their ranks.

Nidal al-Saba, a Lebanese political analyst, said that the escape of ISIS operatives from its prisons in northern Syria is dangerous for both Syria and Iraq.

According to the "Seven" in an interview with "Sputnik", on Thursday, that "IS" can return to Iraq again, especially since he came from there to Syria.

He called on the seven to hand over the elements of "IS" to the Syrian government, which is trying them, especially since the number exceeds 12 thousand in the prisons of democratic Syria, which poses a serious risk of re-emergence, which is aimed at the US side to thwart the Russian project in the elimination of terrorist groups And ISIS elements.

Security Council concern

The UN Security Council has issued a statement expressing concern over the "dangers of deteriorating humanitarian situation in northeastern Syria and the escape of captured ISIS fighters."

The UN Security Council said on Wednesday it was concerned about the dangers of a deteriorating humanitarian situation in northeastern Syria and the escape of Islamic State (banned in Russia and a number of) ISIS fighters but did not address the Turkish attack on a Syrian Kurdish faction in the region that began. A week ago, according to "Reuters."

The 15 council members agreed on the brief statement after the meeting for the second time behind closed doors since the start of the Turkish operation, which has forced tens of thousands of civilians to flee and raised questions about the fate of thousands of ISIS fighters in Kurdish jails.

The US ambassador to the United Nations that America "calls on Turkey to stop its offensive in northeastern Syria and to declare an immediate cease-fire."

On October 9, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the launching of a military operation in the north of Syria, under the name of "spring of peace."

On the 13th of this month, a French government spokesman said that Paris was "concerned" after the escape of 800 members of the families of the militants of the terrorist organization "Daesh" (banned in Russia and a number of countries).

The self-administration of northern and eastern Syria announced that 785 ISIS foreigners had fled the Ain Issa refugee camp in northern Syria after a Turkish attack on the camp.

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