Exciting details about the diplomatic bag and a private plane loaded with money from Mohammed bin Salman


Sudan's former defense minister, Abdul Rahim Mohamed Hussein, has made dramatic information during the trial of ousted Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

A court specialized in the trial of the ousted Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on Saturday questioned former defense minister Abdul Rahim Mohamed Hussein, who appeared before the court as a witness to defend al-Bashir, who faces charges related to the wealthy.

Hussein said that "who proposed the establishment of an office attached to the President's House in the guest house in proportion to the requirements of the President's continued work," providing a detailed description of the location of the guest house and its offices and a salon to receive visitors to the President, stressing that the President's Office at the guest house issued many decisions Except for the accreditation of ambassadors which is done inside the presidential palace

Abdul Rahim revealed that because of his close proximity to the president and his presence on a daily basis with him, there are money sent by Prince Mohammed bin Salman through a private plane and was received through the director of the office of former President Hatem Hassan Bakheet.

He added that foreign relations are the president's direct responsibility and responsibility, pointing out that the United States imposed a blockade on Sudan and prevented its banks from dealing with Sudanese banks in terms of bank transfers, which led them to use the diplomatic bag and he often paid the salaries of military attaches in cash through this bag.

Abdul Rahim told the court that there was a lot of work done by the president in this regard and that his disclosure of this information would harm the national security of the country, which was rejected by the court.

The defense witness pointed out that if the court allows him, he is asked to vacate the hall to reveal these details.

He explained that one of the reasons that made them deal with money outside the official channels is due to the US siege on banks, as the transfer requires determining the destination of money and destination, which requires bypassing those regulations and financial procedures in order to contribute to the stability and security of the country and that the President of the Republic by virtue of his responsibility of national security was necessary In the way he sees fit and has the right to appreciate things.

Abdul Rahim told the court he had no kinship with Bashir.

In his reply, he said he did not know when Mohammed bin Salman's money had arrived because he was in Kober prison and did not know whether it was placed in the Bank of Sudan or the Ministry of Finance.

He asked the court to exclude Abdul Rahim's testimony, saying that he had fluctuated in many positions in the right and left as well as the very special relationship he had with the ousted president. According to the Sudanese News Agency.

Bashir's defense appealed to the court to postpone the hearings until next Thursday, pending a decision to review the case files by the Court of Appeal. However, the judge rejected the request and ordered the continuation of the hearing and heard the defense witnesses. Hussain".

Isolated President Omar al-Bashir faces charges related to foreign currency acquisition and dealing with wealth and suspicion after being seized in the possession of huge amounts of money in various foreign currencies and local estimated at 113 million dollars.

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