Even Calabria in the name of the pact


Because the solidity of the entire government operation also depends on the regional level. And Nicola Zingaretti is convinced that this strange alliance is transformed into a "new center-left" or, inevitably, risks not lasting. That is why, after the meeting on Monday evening, he will propose a new contact to Luigi Di Maio already during the week. With the aim of closing the agreement in Calabria before it votes in Umbria. Immediately. And regardless of the result. Although, according to the latest polls delivered to the Nazarene, the Umbrian result seems to be more open.

This is what Zingaretti explained to Di Maio, polls in hand: "Together we make 40 percent and Renzi is at three. This potential must be stabilized and strengthened with good governance and with a proposal for radical renewal in the regions ”. The reason for this acceleration also in Calabria is not trivial: the Democratic Party has already discharged its outgoing governor for some time, since Stefano Graziano was commissioned as commissioner in Calabria. Who asked Mario Oliverio, in unsuspected times, "a step backwards to encourage renewal". Not so much because he was involved in an investigation with the accusation of embezzlement, but because he was considered one of the symbols of an old and patronage Pd, sick of governmentism and lacking in brilliance in his performances on transport and health.

Now the Democratic Party is ready to support a civic candidate to close the agreement with the Five Stars. Also, and the news is this, Pippo Callipo, the patron of tuna, was the favorite candidate for the Roman pentastellati. For a variety of reasons. Which have to do with Calabria, where the game could be reopened; they have to do with the regional ones because, after Umbria and Calabria at the civic, this allows to arrive at the discussion on Emilia with the Pd that has a credit on the Emilia, and will ask to "not hinder Bonaccini" that cannot be questioned. And, on these assumptions, a process of building a political alliance that would give meaning to a government that is the result of a state of necessity is in fact triggered.

In short, the reasoning of the secretary of the Democratic Party is this: only a month ago the country was in the hands of Salvini, now there is a block that holds and is not scratched by the splitting of Renzi, with two forces at 20. The way of a "Political pact" Pd-Five stars is obliged otherwise the shock that can come from the polls risks having repercussions in the Palace. We were saying Calabria: immediately. Because time risks cutting off a path in the bud, dragging it into the whirlpool of the territories. The outgoing, Mario Oliverio is ready for a blitz to arm himself: to fix the elections already on December 15 and not on January 26th. Which means that the lists should be closed on November 9, or ten days after the October 27 October elections. Imagine Pd and Five stars that, in ten days, have to sign a complicated pact, after the emotional impact of the Umbrian vote – negative if it went wrong – with the outgoing man ready to run anyway against his party. Because this decision, at the moment, seems irreversible. It was a drastic Oliverio, with the ambassadors of the Nazarene who repeatedly met him during these weeks: "I have adapted to the decisions of the party for a lifetime. This time I'll lose the party, but I'm not losing my face. "

Here, this laceration can only be sustained if there is a political pact upstream. That takes away space from the initiative, also because in Calabria the electoral law provides for an 8 percent barrier. And at that point the "useful" competition becomes between Pd and Five stars on one side and center on the other. At least the idea is this. And it is precisely with the mission to accelerate and be ready with the lists that Stefano Graziano has already set for tomorrow a series of meetings in Catanzaro and a weekend of programmatic confrontation with the citizens in all the Calabrian cities by the end of the month.

The problem, not least, is the "estate" of the Five Stars which explains why Di Maio needs time. And he asked to see first what happens in Umbria. Only a few days ago the political leader of the Five Stars received a document, signed by most of the Calabrian parliamentarians, in which the "no" to the agreement with the Pd is put on paper. Then, a new protest: 90 Calabrian activists signed a note #noalleanza to ask for a return to the Movement of the origins. Even among the five stars there is a potential candidate already on the field, the parliamentarian Danila Nesci who has come forward in recent weeks, supported by former minister Barbara Lezzi. It is an interesting case: if and how a cold-born national political agreement can turn into a hot fusion between leaders and "peoples", in the fire of political battle. In the end it is the first true democratic step of the new experience. The people decide whether the process triggers or not. Assuming a quick response comes from Di Maio.

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