EU, France vetoed on accession of Albania and Northern Macedonia: blocked negotiations and postponed discussion. Count: "Historical error"


The veto of France blocks the start of EU accession negotiations with Albania and Northern Macedonia, questioning the entire European enlargement process. The European summit held on Thursday evening and continued into the night did not give the green light to the recommendation formulated by the Commission regarding the annexation of the two Balkan countries due to the ongoing confrontation between the opposing and favorable countries, a large majority including the Italy. In addition to France, the Netherlands and Denmark are also holding back, these two opposed however only to Albania. The work of the European Council resumed this morning but the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has made it known that the negotiations are currently stalled and that thea discussion was postponed to the next EU Council and therefore will not resume today.

"It went wrong, it was not necessary to open, it would have been enough to start the procedure. It was a historical mistake"Commented the premier Giuseppe Conte saying "very close to Albania and Northern Macedonia". "This it was an appointment with history. It is a life that those countries want to enter in Europe – he continued -, yesterday he will be remembered for a historical error. I tried to convince that the aspiration of those communities is a great force. We had to open, it was not a question of deciding whether to join them or not but to start negotiations. I am very sorry and close to the Albanian community and to that of Northern Macedonia. They have made tremendous efforts. I hope that disappointment and anguish will not precipitate them in the biggest discomfort. Italy will be there, will stand by it and defend them ", Conte concluded.

The repeated appeals of the Commission and the EU Parliament and the messages from Tirana and Skopje do not seem to have had any effect on the French president, which keeps the point and continues to call for reform of the entire EU decision-making machine to give greater credibility to enlargement. Only then can Europe's doors be opened to new countries. A position that hides the Macron needs to keep internal populist forces in check.

The last card on the table to make the French president change his mind has put it Finland, which holds the rotating presidency of the EU, with the so-called "decoupling", the separation of the destinies of Albania and Northern Macedonia. Sacrificing Tirana and saving Skopje in the ultimate attempt not to destabilize the region. If the EU leaders do not give the green light to the negotiations "our government will be dead", the Macedonian prime minister Zoran Zaev warned. But the option of dividing the destinies of the two countries does not seem to find favor with Paris, and also with some states like Italy, which would like a clear path for both. The setback would not be understood by Albanian and Macedonian citizens, warned the president of the European Parliament, David Sassoli. In case of another postponement – it would be the third in two years – it will be up to the new EU Commission to keep the hopes of the Balkans alive, with the president elected Ursula von der Leyen who says he is "firmly convinced" that Albania and Northern Macedonia "have made enormous efforts to approach European standards and deserve a positive signal".

at the end of the first day of work of the EU Council, the spokesman of President Donald Tusk, Preben Aamann, said that they were instead "Take decisions on Turkey": Among the topics on the agenda of the summit there is in fact also the situation in Syria after the intervention of Turkey and the truce announced on Thursday by Erdogan.


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