Erdogan and Trump threaten as Assad on the front lines of Idlib countryside


As President Trump and Erdogan exchanged threats on Syria, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was meeting with his officers and soldiers on the front lines of al-Hbeit town in Idlib countryside.

On the other hand, while everyone is waiting for the end of the 120-hour deadline under the Turkish-American agreement, the Turkish Ministry of Defense confirmed that it is closely following the exit of terrorists, the alleged safe area in Syria and recorded that

As of yesterday, 125 vehicles carrying terrorists had exited.

US President Donald Trump is ready to take military action against Turkey if necessary, but Washington prefers "peace over war."

The symbolic presence of President Assad on the front lines in the countryside of Idlib at this time and the messages he wanted to send?

How can you understand the new relationship between Ankara and Washington, which is beset by the menacing threat of mutual .. What is the hidden game?

Can President Trump's threats be taken seriously, what is the American and Turkish hiding behind the scenes?

Where do terrorists go and who is directly responsible for their redeployment or transfer?

On the symbolism and importance of President Assad's presence on the front lines in Idlib countryside

The expert in crisis management and pre-emptive wars and lecturer in political sociology, Dr. Akram al-Shali said:

"This is not a new step when President Assad makes such visits as he is the commander-in-chief of the army, the armed forces and the president of the Syrian Arab Republic. As for the seriousness of the region in reality and in reality, there are no more dangerous defense lines than others. The most dangerous of these fronts visited by Mr. President are the fronts that surrounded Damascus and President Assad has visited many times in the light of hostilities that were at its height and there was no truce or cessation of hostilities with terrorist outposts and fighting and violent clashes in the areas. T was located where President al-Assad. "

About the messages Assad wanted to send through his presence on the front lines, he said

"President Assad wanted to send messages to all the world. First of all, they are messages, primarily the Syrian Arab people and the Syrian Arab Army. For each region the Syrian Arab Army liberates, the president visits to witness the liberation of this region and serve as a declaration that we have proven ourselves. In this region, no force can take it from the hands of the Syrian Arab Army, which is a message to all the evaders in regional and international politics that we are keen on every dubious shred of the geography of the Syrian Arab Republic.

As for the relationship between Ankara and Washington and the apparent rapprochement and divergence marred by mutual threats

“This is a new play between the United States and its tools in the region,” he said. “Now the focus of this game or the political and military scene in the region is the Turkish government led by Erdogan. Hence, there is nothing new but new media networks, while Erdogan cannot. Doing any work, which was Yemeni himself years ago to establish a safe area in northern Syria in the west and east, but did not come to him signals for any military action at all, until it came directly from the United States that it would withdraw from the region and must fill the vacuum After he left ".

Details in the audio recording attached above

Prepared and presented by: Nawaf Ibrahim

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