Electoral body of Peru meets with EU members for legislative elections


LIMA (Sputnik) – The National Jury of Elections of Peru (JNE), the highest electoral body, met with members of the Exploratory Mission of the European Union (EU) to report on the progress in the organization of legislative elections to be held in Next January, the agency said in a statement.

At the meeting, "the president of the JNE, Victor Ticona, made a recount of the activities that the institution has been carrying out, mainly in terms of the control of the electoral roll, the conformation of the 60 Special Election Juries and the training of supervisors and coordinators of educational actions, "said the JNE.
The Special Electoral Juries are offices at the national level of the JNE, activated for the holding of elections and in charge of directing, coordinating, supervising and controlling the jurisdictional, supervisory and administrative management activities within their respective constituencies.
The EU Exploratory Mission arrived in Peru, where it held a meeting with Foreign Minister Gustavo Meza-Cuadra in order to evaluate the sending of an Observer Mission for the process in which the new members of the dissolved Congress will be elected.
In the meeting with the JNE, held at the headquarters of the agency, its headline highlighted the importance of the presence of observers, as well as answered questions about the electoral process.
It was indicated that the information given by the JNE will serve for the Exploratory Mission to prepare a report and submit it to the EU plenary.

Based on this and the meeting with the chancellor, the sending of the Observer Mission will be decided.

On September 30, President Martin Vizcarra dissolved the Congress and called for legislative elections on January 26.

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