Eifel: Apparently crashed F-16 fighter jet near the US base Spangdahlem


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The police Trier reports a plane crash near the US-base Spangdahlem. It is probably an American fighter jet.

As the police Trier announced on Twitter, crashed in the area Zemmer-Rodt near the US base Spangdahlem a plane. At the moment, the forces are leaving a military plane.

SWR3 meanwhile reports that this is an F-16 fighter jet, which crashed on Tuesday afternoon at Zemmer in the Trier-Saarburg district. According to SWR information, the pilot was able to save himself with the ejection seat.

According to the police, the site of the crash should not be in an inhabited area. But they are larger amounts of kerosene leaked,

The population is asked to drive around the area. Several roads are currently closed by the military police, a hazardous substance train is due to expiring kerosene in use.

Police give official press release

At about 15.15 clock had received the first emergency calls that reported the crash of an aircraft in the area Zemmer-Rodt (Fidei).

Shortly thereafter, the suspicion has been confirmed. According to current knowledge, the aircraft is a military aircraft. The pilot was able to save himself from the ejection seat and was taken to hospital.

About the extent of his injuries, other injuries or damage, there is no evidence. Similarly, the cause of the crash is unclear.

The crash site was widely closed off. Police and rescue service are in use.

Residents are encouraged to avoid the crash site. Vehicles should bypass the area on a large scale, several county roads are closed to traffic.


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