Egyptologist answers … Are the dead annoyed by the search?


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The German scientist Ludwig Morientes answered a question on whether the work of archaeological excavations disturbs the calm of the dead, in an interview in which he stressed that "the culture of death of the ancient Egyptians suggests to us a lot to this day."

Egyptologist Morientes told Deutsche Welle after receiving a question: "When opening graves or conducting archaeological excavations, for example in the Valley of the Kings, the same question always arises about the inconvenience of the quiet of the dead and the legitimacy of this work? What is your position?"
"The horizon on which we are working on excavations is that we are in principle in a past world, so we are faced with the aftermath of death. Of course, there is the question of how to deal concretely with the historical remains of the dead," Morientes said. Of preserving human dignity and that it can be interjected well into research. "

"For archeology, which deals with the past, exhumes and also meets the remains of real dead people, this remains a fundamental question. How should we deal with it? What are we entitled to? What services can we offer? My perception, which is also supported," he said. In the section (Department of Egyptology) is that research relating to the past and dead real people can be linked to keep their dignity preserved or returned to them again.

"In our daily lives, we are not too preoccupied with death as a process of annihilation; for example, this point was very different in ancient Egyptian societies. In those societies, death was part of life on a large scale."

Morientes' talk comes days after the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities discovered 30 wooden coffins found in the Valley of the Kings near Luxor.In this regard, Morientes says that these coffins already contain mummies, and this is really something interesting, and even the issue of those coffins come from an area we were not We expect it – not from graves, but it is reportedly so far, in one form or another, buried under pressure of need and speed.

He pointed out that the research to be conducted on these coffins will come in three steps: The first will be an accurate recording and assessment of manuscripts and texts. The exciting results will indeed be second in the scientific research of the mummies. Third, the place of discovery, which has not been talked about much.

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