East Committee of the German economy pleads for a restart of relations with Russia


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In a recent interview with Reuters TV, the East Committee of the German Economy said it would restart relations with Russia on Wednesday.

"We should strategically reposition ourselves in our relationship with Russia," said the director of the Committee on Eastern / Eastern Europe Association (OA), Michael Harms, in Berlin.

The EU sanctions would not have caused any Russian behavior change, which was a strategic dilemma. On the contrary, Harms says:

"The sanctions have caused Russian society to become even closer to President Putin."

According to Harms, the East Committee is committed to reducing the sanctions as quickly as possible, because Germany bears most of the burden and especially the middle class is affected by it.
Without stronger ties with Russia, the EU threatens to be smashed between the superpowers China and the US, he warned.

Sanctions against Russia

In 2014, Western countries accused Russia of meddling in the internal affairs of Ukraine and annexing the Crimea, which became part of Russia, according to a referendum on the Black Sea Peninsula. There were then several times imposed sanctions against Moscow. For some time, however, it has been noted in several countries that the sanctions had not worked as planned. Therefore, many representatives of Western business circles and some politicians recommend abolishing sanctions.

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