Dutch correspondent: “You think that everyone in Russia loves vodka, this is not true”


Head coach of Vitess Leonid Slutsky in an excellent mood gave an interview to FOX Sports journalist Hans Krai.

Mr. Slutsky, we we score a lot of points together, right?
– Yes, I ask the management of FOX Sports to assign Hans to each of our games, at home, on the road. We are good together.

– Today everything was fine. I AM I always say "Mr. Slutsky," but Now I will say "Leonid." Not mind the state fields. Play on mute, score points, drive home and have a beer.
– Well thank you. There is no beer, but everything else in ours …

(interrupts) Russian vodka?
– No. I do not like to drink vodka. I don’t like alcohol at all.

BUT you exactly from Russia?
– Yes, but it’s a stereotype. You think that everyone in Russia loves vodka. It is not true.

“Yes, but you smile, and I don't see it very often.” And you do not drink vodka …
– Yes. I guess I'm not a typical Russian.

Today Vitesse outplayed Utrecht and caught up with a pair of leaders – Ajax and PSV.

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