Due to military operation in Syria: Trump threatens Turkey "heavy blow"


Washington is closely following Ankara's military operation in Syria and is ready to make a "serious blow" to Turkey if it violates the law. This was what US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter in the short message service.

"I would aggressively attack Turkey financially and with sanctions if it does not play by the rules." He was "in contact with the two sides of the conflict", emphasized Trump.

Turkey launched its long-threatened offensive under the name "Source of Peace" in northeastern Syria on Wednesday. Ankara wants one along the border on Syrian territory 30 kilometers deep security zone build and demand that Disengagement of the Kurdish militia from the area. There are then to be settled up to two million fled to Turkey mostly Arab Syrians. Turkey fears a strengthening of the Kurds beyond their southern border and thus also the Turkish Kurds striving for autonomy.

Heavy criticism of the West

Ankara's plans are severely criticized by some countries in the region and by the European Union. The US disapproves of the operation.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Defense, so far 181 objects of the Kurds have been partially destroyed. The Syrian authorities speak of eight dead and around 20 injured civilians.

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