Doctors have searched for six hours a patient missed in a scanner


A 70-year-old Bulgarian spent six hours in a CT scan after being missed by the assistant of a radiologist. His relatives went to the police and decided to go to court.

Doctors have "lost" a 70-year-old patient who has come for a lung exam, reports Nova TV. The incident happened in the Bulgarian town of Pavlikeni.

According to the media, the search lasted six hours. In addition, worried, the daughter of the pensioner decided to seek help from the police, indicating that her mother had gone to the hospital and had not yet returned.

The TV channel reports that after hearing a sound of heels behind the door, the patient screamed for help. She was actually in a locked closet, not far from the scanner.

According to the media, the radiologist's assistant put her in the camera, then closed the door and went to collect her belongings.

Following this incident, relatives of the pensioner decided to seize the court, despite claims by doctors that the scanner could not cause damage because it was off.

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