Dendi said when he plans to end his career as a player | Dota 2


Danil Dendi Ishutin said he would spend another three to five years on the Dota 2 competition stage. He spoke about this in an interview with The Esports Observer, where he also shared details about his e-sports project.

Ishutin noted that he would become a player and captain of the Dota 2 roster in his own organization. After completing a career, Dendi can also remain as a mentor. He added that initially the club will not have roasters in other disciplines. According to him, opening a unit for another game is a difficult process, since for this you will have to select free agents and form a team.

Dendi said that the organization will focus on investors and fans from the CIS. In the future, he plans to expand the club’s audience, including in China, Southeast Asia and South America, where he already has fans, and Dota 2 itself is more popular than in Europe and North America. In the first roster he is going to recruit players from the CIS and Europe, and in the future he wants to collect an English-language roster.

For the first time, Ishutin announced his intention to create his own organization on September 4. Then he noted that the decision to open his club was influenced by the attitude of other teams towards him as a player and the unsuccessful personal results of recent years. Learn more about this here.

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