Count looking for answers from four: under review Skriniar, Alexis, Vecino and Lazaro


Four elements under consideration, at least according to Gazzetta dello Sport. Upon return from the stop, Conte will want important answers especially from Škriniar, Sanchez, Vecino is Lazaro. The first two are certainly part of top-level stars that will have to give their best, while the latter will have to start representing alternatives that are more than valid for the 'very titular'.

"In the first category of the class Milan Skriniar enters by right: the Slovak began his third season of the Nerazzurri as a leader of the defense and potentially of the entire team. The Nerazzurri people have long" called him "as captain, but in these first 9 races, all played as a starter, all up to the 90 ', it seemed less "omnipotent" in marking and advance than in the past – we read -. The adaptation to the three-man defense, on the center-left, turned out to be more difficult than expected, as well as the setting the new technician asks for has not been so fluid: another big one that the technician expects a shot from is Alexis Sanchez: an abundant month can be enough to "pick up the line again" and enter the mechanisms. Niño of the first half of Genoa can change the attack and perhaps the season of Inter, guaranteeing offensive solutions otherwise difficult to explore, but he claims continuity ".

And then there are the Uruguayan and the Austrian. "Vecino started as" adjunct owner ", also due to the need to gradually insert Sensi and Barella – explains the Journal -. The two "little ones" have burned the stages, the Uruguayan has burned some chances: he must become harder, closer to the classic representation of the Uruguayans. Zero impact so far for Lazaro: races are coming against "small" that could amount to opportunities. It must demonstrate that it can do the exterior to the whole range, otherwise its technical skills will be useless ".

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