Continuous qualitative coordination between Iraq, Russia, Syria and Iran to destroy ISIS


The spokesman for the Iraqi Joint Operations Command, Brigadier General Yahya Rasoul, said on Thursday that coordination between the quartet in Iraq, Russia, Syria and Iran will continue in the pursuit and destruction of the remnants of the Islamic State.

In an exclusive statement to Sputnik on Thursday, Rasoul said that the exchange of information in the Quartet is ongoing, in high coordination, and there is also an intelligence exchange between the four countries.

On the benefit of Iraq, from the exchange of information with the Center countries, for the operations of the will of victory on the sixth page currently ongoing after its launch on the sixth of October this year, Rasul told us, saying: , Among the four countries to fight ISIS gangs.

According to the spokesperson for the Joint Operations Command, the information and intelligence exchange at the Quartet contributed with the Syrian side a lot of information that resulted in the successful targeting of ISIS hideouts in Syrian territory.

The Counter-Terrorism Coordination Center, through the exchange of information between Iraq, Russia, Syria and Iran, was set up in September 2015, a year after the Islamic State took control of large swathes of Iraqi territory, north and west.

The mission of the center in Baghdad is to gather and exchange information in the fight against the terrorist organization Daesh (banned in Russia), as well as to analyze information about the current situation in the Middle East, to contribute to the war against terrorism and to deliver information quickly to the chiefs of staff. In the countries concerned.

Iraq managed to eliminate the Islamic State terrorist organization and uproot it from the whole territory, most recently on the international border with neighboring Syria, in the Anbar desert, which accounts for about 25 percent of the country.

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