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Invited from Europe 1 Sunday, October 6, three days after the attack at the police headquarters, Jean-Paul Mégret, the independent union of the commissioners, returned on the slowness and the bureaucratic character of the procedure of authorization secret defense and deplored the lack of human resources to remedy this.

Invited from Europe 1, Jean-Paul Mégret, deputy general secretary of the independent union of the commissioners, sought answers to the question of how the secret defense clearance of the assailant of the police prefecture of Paris, computer scientist since 2003 within the institution, could it have been renewed.

He acknowledged that secret defense licenses and their renewal were very slow and bureaucratic procedures.

"These are extremely complex tasks. They require extensive research: we question neighbors, old friendly links … All this is theory and we do it less and less, "he explained.

The reason, according to him, is that "given the scale of the task," there are not enough people to go all the way.

Trigger procedures without written elements

"We have to think about the fact that we did not do any additional research and did not trigger a procedure on radicalization even without written elements," the trade unionist said, adding that police around the attacker had Already, verbally, there have been signs of potential radicalization, without a procedure being launched.
Mr. Megret recalled that in other areas, for example, relating to violence against children or women, reports in the police and gendarmerie were sufficient and that there was no need for a complaint or a signed handrail.

"We consider that when we have the elements, even if they were given verbally, we can not act as if we had not heard anything," he summarized.

Saturday, October 5, Jean-Paul Mégret had already recognized flaws in the procedure of habilitation in an interview with the Parisian. He pointed out that people could switch in a few months while the credentials were reviewed every five years.

Regulations require review

He said that in the absence of a crime, radicalization was not a cause for dismissal and that the administration was afraid of being accused of racism or Islamophobia. To avoid this, a thorough examination of regulations and blockages was required.

"We must use this defeat. We have clearly been defeated, we must react before we are defeated, "he told the Parisian.

Deadly attack at the Paris Prefecture

A knife attack at the Paris police headquarters on Thursday (October 3rd) left four dead (three policemen and one administrative agent), as well as one wounded. The perpetrator of the killings, who was a staff member and who worked at the Prefecture Police Intelligence Directorate (DRPP), was shot dead.

After seeing some signs of radicalization in the killer after his conversion to Islam, investigators believe that it could be a possible jihadist attack. The case was handed over to the national antiterrorist prosecutor's office.

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